Bookkeeper for Deweyville ISD...

Primary Purpose: 
Deweyville ISD is accepting applications for an experienced bookkeeper. The successful candidate will demonstrate fluency and experience in governmental accounting, preferably in a public school capacity. The hiring team will place a higher value on working knowledge and experience than on formal credentials. The ability to prioritize and work toward the completion of multiple demands simultaneously, with a genuine smile and a servant’s heart, is a critical skill for this position as we are a small school and each team member must perform various roles. 

We value certifications but our focus is on experience.
• Governmental Accounting,
• Double Entry Bookkeeping,
• Financial Compliance,

Special Knowledge/Skills:
Thorough knowledge of governmental accounting laws, rules and procedures as they apply to the public school setting
• Strong desire to create a positive environment
• Ability to communicate effectively
• Knowledge of general office equipment
• Understanding that we serve various groups of internal and external customers
• Ability to prioritize and multitask
• Strong self-motivation required to seek out and take advantage of training opportunities
to address job related needs

How to Apply:  
               Deweyville ISD Admin Office  
Contact Person:  Janae Welch, Administration Office
Address:43200 Hwy 87
City:  Orange 
State:  Texas 
Phone:  409-746-2685 Ext. 2222
Fax:  409-206-2697