2021-2022 Campus Behavioral Specialist...

Green Dot Public Schools, Southeast Texas

Apply online at https://careers.greendot.org/.

The Campus Behavioral Specialist at Green Dot Public Schools Southeast Texas  will create, model, and uphold strong student culture and support systems to ensure all students are successful.
>Serve as a member of the Student Support Team to establish a joyful, structured, and achievement-oriented school culture
>Support teachers to hold all students to high and consistent behavioral expectations
>Collaborate with the assistant principals when dealing with behavioral crisis-intervention and severe behavioral issues
>Act as a resource to teachers in their instructional practice especially as it relates to issues of discipline, relationships with students, classroom management and school culture
>Assist teachers, students and parents in the effective creation and implementation of individual behavior plans
>Reinforce the effective use of a school-wide behavior plan, including norming and managing the school’s Restorative Justice and Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems (PBIS) and/or merit/demerit systems
>Ensure the physical environment of the school reinforces school culture and facilitates student achievement
>Be highly present and visible during school hours, relentlessly ensuring the school has an exceptional school culture
>Proactively circulate throughout classrooms and hallways during the day to gain valuable context on student behavior and help support positive school culture
>Monitor behavioral pull-out and in-school suspensions
>Manage lunch and after-school detention
>Coordinate school culture messages at all-school meetings
>Lead advisory curriculum and development
>Facilitate student culture committee and student leadership responsibilities
>Manage school-wide collection and analysis of behavior data for students and staff, documenting all conferences, suspensions and phone calls for behavior
>Ensure that behavioral expectations and school culture standards are met outside of the classroom as well as inside, including establishing and monitoring bus behavior/culture as well as cafeteria behavior and culture
>Oversee and coordinate school-wide initiatives and incentives related to behavior
>Reports to an assistant principal and completes additional duties as assigned

>Bachelor’s Degree
>Minimum 3 years teaching experience in a district and/or charter school setting.
>Desire and ability to build positive, supportive, lasting relationships with students, staff and families
>Deep belief in the capacity of all children to meet academic and behavioral expectations and educators’ capacity to coach and grow students in those efforts
>Strong organizational skills and able to multi-task effectively 
>Strong interpersonal and communication skills and able to build positive, trusting relationships with staff, students, families and community members
>Creative and able to motivate students to be their best selves
>Passionate about improving educational outcomes for historically underserved children and communities
>Growth mindset and love of learning 
>Relentless commitment to and high standards for high quality execution
>Passionate with a high level of personal responsibility towards ambitious goals  
>Strong sense of integrity, ethics, and drive to achieve and grow  
>Humility, sense of humor, and rock-solid commitment to Green Dot’s mission and the Beaumont community   
>Commitment to building programs from beginning to end 
>Ability to multi-task and function in a high-energy environment

Starting salary for this position is $55,000 - $65,000, depending on experience. We also offer a comprehensive benefits plan as well as the opportunity to impact a growing, mission-driven organization that is committed to the success of Beaumont students.