Elementary Counselor...

The Elementary School Counselor i s responsible f or promoting student success, providing
preventive services, and responding t o i dentified student needs by i mplementing a
comprehensive school counseling program t hat addresses academic, social, and emotional
development. I n addition, t he counselor will coordinate all standardized t est sessions and
campus t raining protocols i n accordance with state laws.

*Develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive counseling and guidance program to
address the needs of all students.
*Conduct needs assessments and utilize data to identify and support targeted areas of need on
their campus.
*Address all students’ social/emotional development needs by designing, implementing,
evaluating, and enhancing a comprehensive school counseling program t hat promotes and
enhances student success.
*Provide direct services through the identified counseling and guidance program to students
with presenting needs/concerns.
*Consult with parents, school staff, and community stakeholders to help increase student
outcomes for success.
*Facilitate campus scheduling.
*Provide in-service t raining on guidance topics and curriculum for teachers, administrators, and
campus stakeholders.
*Support teachers in developing and delivering classroom guidance activities and lessons
based on the school’s guidance counseling curriculum.
*Coordinate administration of all state standardized tests, including training test administrators,
securing materials, and planning and organizing all student testing sessions according to state
*Interpret standardized test results and other assessment data.
*Perform other counseling and guidance related duties as assigned.

*Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in Counseling and Guidance.
*Texas Education Agency Counselor Certification.
Work Experience:
*Two years of exemplary teaching experience.
*Working knowledge of personal computers and applicable software.

Application Instructions:

Applications can be found on the Hull-Daisetta ISD website at www.hdisd.net 

Resumes and applications can be sent to Dana Barrier at dbarrier@hdisd.net and/or Tammy Smith at tsmith@hdisd.net

Hull-Daisetta ISD
P.O. Box 477 Daisetta Tx 77533

For further information please contact Dana Barrier and/or Tammy Smith at 936-536-6321.