Curriculum Supervisor - LOTE-BIL-ESL...

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Bilingual/ESL/LOTE/Migrant Curriculum Supervisor
Education (Certification/License): Master’s Degree from accredited university. Principal/Administrator Certification. Bilingual and/or ESL Certification
Experience: Five years teaching experience in subject, area assigned.
Special Knowledge/Skills:
·     Knowledge of curriculum design and implementation.
·     Ability to evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness.
·     Ability to develop and deliver training to adult learners. ·     Ability to interpret data. ·     Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
·     Disaggregates all assessments and uses data to improve the content, sequence, and outcomes of the teaching/learning process. -    STAAR/TELPAS -    Amplify/STAR Reading -    Curriculum Based Assessments (CBAs) -    Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)
·     Plans, implements, and evaluates instructional programs with teachers and principals, including learning objectives, instructional strategies, and assessment techniques.
·     Attends meetings to promote district improvement and enhance the teaching/learning process. ·     Supports the use of technology in the teaching/learning process.
·     Works with District Testing Coordinator and Bilingual Education Director with the implementation of TELPAS Assessment (i.e. TELPAS Training, monitoring teacher on-line training, etc)
·     Assists Campuses with program questions.
·     Assists Bilingual Education Director in the needs assessment planning and coordination of staff development for Bilingual/ESL/ Sheltered Instruction teachers as appropriate.
·      Assists the Bilingual Education Director with the continuous needs assessment for programs, and program evaluations.
·     Conducts walk-through visitations.
·     Demonstrates teaching/classroom management techniques within the classroom and/or arranges for demonstrations by master teachers.
·     Plans and implements New Teacher Orientation.
·     Plans and conducts New Teacher Visitations with master teachers.
·     Provides district and campus in-services and/or secures the services of consultants during the school year and summer months.
·     Stays current in and shares methodology and research related to teaching, learning, and assessments.
·     Supports and monitors district initiatives: (ie. Waterford Reading Program; Leap Frog; Kagan Cooperative Learning; Use of Technology in the Classroom).
·     Assists in development of the district and campus plans.
·     Coordinates the District Textbook Adoption process.
·     Mentors teachers rated below expectations or unsatisfactory on T-TESS, when applicable.
·     Supports the mission, goals, and objectives of the school district.
·     Conducts and/or participates in PLCs, grade level, site-based and faculty meetings.
·     Provides input in selection and assignment of teachers and other instructional staff to impact student performance.
·     Assists in communicating district curriculum, instructional practices, accomplishments, goals, and new directions to parents and the community.
·     Assists in involving members of the community in serving the school’s program.
·     Supports parental involvement/participation.
·     Conducts parent meetings and workshops during the school day and at night.
·     Attends professional development seminars to stay abreast of new developments. ·     Participates in professional organizations (i.e. TEPSA, ASCD, TAGT).
·     Performs duties in a professional, ethical, and responsible way as defined in the TEA Code of Ethnics for educators.
·     Reads professional literature.
·     Performs other duties and functions as assigned by the Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction.